Wednesday 9 December 2015

Thai visitors to Goodwill Solutions

​The University of Northampton’s social enterprise partner, Goodwill Solutions CIC, recently welcomed a group of social entrepreneurs from Thailand.

The visitors included social entrepreneurs, senior academics, and officers from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security in Thailand, who were in the UK with the British Council Thailand to learn about social entrepreneurship and social innovation.

Mike Britton, Managing Director of Goodwill Solutions, spoke to the Thai delegation about how Goodwill Solutions delivers social impact. Following the presentation, a tour of the warehouse operations was made and the commercial and social relationships of the business explained.

The visitors had presentations from Janette Pallas about the Northamptonshire Growth Hub (NGH), Ric Ellis from the University of Northampton about how the University of Northampton is delivering social impact through the Waterside construction project, and David Ward who spoke to them about the work of the Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire.

Mike Britton commented: “Sharing ideas on social enterprise with people from other countries helps us to explore new ideas and to create new opportunities for social change based on commercial activity.”

Pruitti Kerdchoochuen, Managing Director of Dairyhome Co Ltd, commented: “There should be a sustainable social enterprise in a prison where prisoners can earn income during their free time. Ex-offenders will usually not go back to their dark route if they have a job that generates enough money for their living expenses. This is an idea that I will be fighting forward to when I am back in Thailand.”

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