Go behind the scenes of our new printmaking facilities

Date 6.03.2020

Creative students at the University of Northampton are benefiting from a new printmaking workshop at Waterside campus – and you can take a tour with our video, below.

The facilities, which are located in the Creative Hub, are available for students on a variety of courses to use, from Fine Art, Painting and Drawing, MA Fine Art and Illustration, through to Graphic Communication and Textiles for Fashion.

Senior Printmaking Lecturer, Michelle Keegan, is delighted with the new printroom, which contains specialist equipment which was previously housed at one of the University’s former campuses.

She said: “Printmaking at the University of Northampton is quite astonishing. I have more than 25 years’ experience of both working in industry and teaching, and I firmly believe we benefit from some of the best facilities in Britain.”

Michelle added: “This enviable facility has grown organically through time as the traditional processes have been preserved alongside the development of the digital.

“This allows our students to challenge what printmaking is and produce ambitious and dynamic prints.

“Our expansive space offers etching and intaglio processes, silkscreen, relief printmaking, type setting, photo etching, digital printing, computer generated printmaking and the simple photocopier.

“We combine processes dating from the 1800s to the present day. The machines have a symbiotic existence that fuse and challenge the vocabulary of ‘what is printmaking’. This is a strength that we have harnessed and embraced.”