Ellie graduates from a BA, then takes up an MA at the University of Northampton

Date 20.03.2017

Ellie Castell enjoyed the University of Northampton experience so much, she decided to continue studying with us after graduating.

Barely two months after her summer graduation from her English degree, Ellie was preparing to start studying again – this time for a Master’s in English.

“The decision to do my MA at Northampton was based largely on the fact that I did my BA here,” said Ellie.

“Over the course of my BA I gained a natural rapport with the lecturers and knew that I would be fully supported both academically and pastorally by the department; and the university as a wider body.

“I chose Northampton for my BA after I visited the University as an applicant. The University was incredibly welcoming and I felt like I would be valued as a student, and not just treated as a statistic. There was also HEFCE funding available which allowed me to embark on the course, and without it, I could never have done the MA.”

With ambitions to work supporting young people, possibly in academia, Ellie is sure her time at Northampton’s equipped her to fulfil her dreams.

She said: “The analytical skills I have gained during my degree will help with my future career ambitions. University also allows you to engage with a wide group of students and academic staff, meaning I have become more comfortable with the world of academia, this was only furthered by my postgraduate degree.”

Speaking about the Master’s degree, Ellie said: “It allows you to focus further on a specific field of study. The time management needed is also much more intense than on a BA, this allows you to demonstrate time management skills and commitment to a project that requires great focus.”

Ellie also recognises the importance to “demonstrate to employers that you did more with your time at university than just earn a degree. The job market grows more competitive every day and the extra-curricular activities that I took part in at University will help to set me apart from countless others with a similar degree to myself.”

Ellie’s favourite aspect of the University is the English department. She explained: “I haven’t encountered a lecturer within that department over the last four years that isn’t genuinely looking out for every student’s best interests. They are friendly, approachable and are great for academic and pastoral support. When I had an issue, they were my first port of call. They are also all well-respected and knowledgeable in their subject fields so you know you are getting a first-rate education”.

Ellie has the following advice for future Master’s in English students: “If you have a passion for reading and contemporary literature, then this is the course for you. You are given the chance to engage further with both literary texts and critics to a much deeper level than that of the BA. It is hard work and needs dedication and commitment – If you are able to do that than you will enjoy the course immensely. You also get to meet other students from different universities and hear the viewpoints of those who aren’t your peers. All of this contributes to what makes the course so fantastic.”