Thursday 9 June 2016

Alanna at the Degree Show

The Bloomberg Project Pavilion was the inspiration for an Art and Design student’s final year project, which will be on display at the University of Northampton’s Degree Show.

Alanna Stevenson has just completed the Foundation Diploma in Art and Design. Her final project allowed her to harness her passion for architecture and use it to show off the multiple skills she had learnt during her time at University.

The 19-year-old student from Moulton, said: “I am particularly focused on the concept of a pavilion because I feel they transcend the boundaries of art and architecture. They are essentially just an aesthetic.

“The thing I enjoyed the most about my piece was the design process. I could really experiment with different materials in my 3D work and also my drawings. Within this, I was able to use new methods which I had never used before.

“The Bloomberg Project Pavilion includes triangles to help create a dynamic structure. I too have used this similar shape to design my own structure, but I decided to use a brighter colour scheme.

“Many of my teachers at school recommended the University of Northampton to me. Also, the facilities available to students were far better than anywhere else I had researched.

“My knowledge of designers, artists and architects has increased since I had been on the course, as well as my independence and self-assurance. Other than academic progress, the course also allowed me to fully explore and open up my career options in the future.”

Alanna’s work will be featured along with other students from a variety of courses from the School of The Arts at this year’s Degree Show. This will be running from Saturday 11 to Sunday 19 June at the University’s Avenue Campus.


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