CORDURA® name University fashion graduate the brightest of today’s emerging designers

Date 24.08.2017

Recent fashion graduate Bethany Martin has been named as one of the brightest of today’s emerging generation of new designers by CORDURA® – a leading brand in work wear and outdoor apparel.

Bethany first caught the attention of CORDURA® during her second year in 2016, after she won first place in their sponsored Project 20/20 Student Project award for her waterproof unisex collection based on those working in conservation or environmental protection or similar outdoor work.

Impressed by her work, CORDURA® offered Bethany sponsorship for her final catwalk project – which was featured on the catwalk at this year’s Graduate Fashion Week and also earned her a first class degree which she graduated with this summer.

Her catwalk collection consisted of both men and women’s athletic wear that was inspired by an article on the Afghan women’s cycling team in National Geographic magazine and also led to Bethany winning the fashion trophy at the regional Fashanne Awards, which were created to celebrate the skills of fashionistas in the East Midlands.

Jane Mills, Senior Lecturer in Fashion at the University of Northampton, said: “Winning such a high profile design competition in her second year has provided Bethany with some amazing opportunities and experiences.

“Since winning the award she has been profiled in the CORDURA® 50 Years celebration video and her designs were selected to be featured at the ‘Destination Durability’ showcase at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.  Bethany has also been chosen to be one the judges for the 2018 International Professional Clothing awards competition.  We are delighted for Bethany, her outstanding success is well deserved and reflects the commitment and creativity that she brought to her fashion studies.”

Bethany said: “Being a part of Project 20/20 and having the honour of receiving an award was a great experience to end on before going into my final year of study. The theme of outerwear that I explored in the competition really struck a chord with me and since then I have been developing on this; for the past year working on my graduate collection based around explorers, outdoor and sportswear and experimenting with the concept of multi-functional garments.

“My achievements with Project 20/20 led to a sponsorship from CORDURA®, who I worked with to create several products using their fabrics. My collection was challenging but a lot of fun and I am really proud of the outcome. Since completing it I have had a lot of great experiences and graduating with a first class degree this year was the perfect finish to my university experience and I have loved my time at Northampton.

“I never imagined when entering the competition the opportunities it would lead to. One of the most valuable things I have got from the experience is the relationship I have built with CORDURA® and the Project 20/20 team and it has been great to have this connection with this part of the fashion industry. My future plans are to initially gain as much experience as possible from taking on internships, with the hope to make my way into sportswear and outdoor wear.”

Watch the video and read the article relating to Bethany’s project