Computing experts bring history to life at Chester Farm

Date 22.08.2018

A site of significant historical importance that’s hidden from view is being brought to life by an expert team from the University of Northampton.

Chester Farm is the site of a walled Roman town which lies buried beneath fields between the Northamptonshire towns of Wellingborough and Rushden. The land also contains evidence from the Mesolithic, Iron Age and Medieval periods, together with a complex of traditional farm buildings dating back to the 17th century.

While archaeological excavation of the site is slowly revealing the site’s secrets, academics from the University’s computing team have been creating 3D interactive models to help visitors picture how it might have looked.

Games Art Lecturer, Daniel McCaul, has created an Iron Age roundhouse; Graduate Teaching Assistant, Lewis Sanderson, a Saxon building; and Games Art Senior Lecturer, Iain Douglas, an example of a 19th century ironstone quarrying cart.

Iain said: “This was a really fun project for our team and with the growing catalogue of historical projects that we have recreated and put in VR, it’s an area we’re very keen on investing further time into.

“We are also exploring the possibility of providing a larger virtual experience in Chester Farm’s new visitor centre, or perhaps for other historic attractions in the country.”