Chancellor Richard Coles talks about the changes he has gone through for Changing Futures week

Date 6.02.2018

The Rev. Richard Coles spoke to students and staff today about how his life has changed since pop stardom in the 80’s to becoming Chancellor of University of Northampton as part of the University’s Changing Futures Week.

Changing Futures is a five-day, University wide showcase of activities and industry speakers to help students explore skills and activities to develop their academic and personal lives.

Rev. Coles gave a motivational speech about the changes to his life since his beginnings in the Northamptonshire town of Kettering, journeying to London and forming hit band The Communards before returning to the religion of his childhood to become the vicar of Finedon, also located in the county.

He spoke about originating from a background of stability and continuity in the county that faced much upheaval when the local industry of shoe-making declined in the 1960’s and 70’s.

He added that change is also about engaging with risk and the possibility of failing, but embracing these as positive things that can help people to grow and move on to further change.

Closing the speech, he took questions from the audience ranging from how he resolves being gay and a Christian and how he deals with change as an older man.