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Certificate of Excellence for Security and Community Safety team

Date 2.05.2019

The University’s Security and Community Safety team have received industry recognition for their work to keep our students and staff safe at Waterside and in Northampton town centre from the Association of University Chief Security Officers (AUCSO).

The certificate of excellence celebrates the way in which the team developed the security and safety infrastructure as part of the Waterside campus development, working in partnership with the Students’ Union, Police and local council, to ensure that potential risks to the safety of students, staff, the campus and the wider community were identified and responded to at the earliest opportunity.

Part of this plan was the introduction of a dedicated University Police team, the launch of the Safer Routes Home project, and the establishment of the Wellbeing and Safeguarding Hub at the Platform Nightclub, alongside the review and refresh of University polices and procedures relating to safety and security.

Becky Bradshaw, Head of Campus Services, said: “I’m delighted that the hard work of the team has been recognised by the Association of University Chief Security Officers.

“Prior to the campus relocation, the team were acutely aware of the potential impacts of moving our large student and staff community into the town. The team worked tirelessly to refresh the way the safety and security procedures worked, in anticipation of the opening of our new campus. I’m especially proud of the way the team have responded to the changes across the University as the University community has settled into the new environment.

“The way the team have established new relationships with the town centre, wider community and improved on our existing relationships with our community safety partners is commendable. Together were all committed to making Waterside and Northampton as safe as possible for the University community, and the wider community who come into contact with the University.”