Blind backpacker Tony tells tales of adventures abroad

News Page 6th February 2018

A University of Northampton graduate who has travelled the world came back to campus to tell students all about his global adventures.

Tony Giles, who is totally blind and 80 per cent deaf, graduated from the University’s American Studies course in 2001, and it was during his time there that he embarked on his first independent trip on foreign soil.

A study trip to the US saw Tony strike out on his own and travel to New Orleans, and ever since that day, he’s been trying to satisfy his travelling bug.

Tony returned to campus on Monday 5 February to tell students about his adventures abroad, which have seen him visit all seven continents, navigate war-torn countries and even drive a car.

The University’s press office caught up with Tony, and you can watch the video interview below.

Tony has authored two books about his travels, Seeing the World My Way and Seeing the Americas My Way.

Visit Tony’s website for more information and to download his books.

You can also watch Tony’s documentary for the BBC, which saw him travel to Bethlehem.


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