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Punk’s not dead: Mohawks at the ready for #ArtofPunk

Date 31.08.2016

Since its emergence in the mid-70s, punk rock has evolved into a wide-reaching cultural movement. Far more than three-chord riffs and frenetic drumming, punk’s influence and sense of rebellion has had a significant effect on society – not just on music, but on art, literature, fashion and culture.

On Friday 25 November, Punk Scholars Network conference will bring together punk enthusiasts, musicians and academics to consider the genre’s influence. The Art of Punk, presented by the University of Northampton and the Punk Scholars Network, will explore punk’s impact on the arts, ethnography, sociology and politics, as well as fashion, history, musicology, pedagogy and literature. A conference schedule is available here.

Alongside the conference, there will also be an art exhibition, held at the University, exploring the art of punk – featuring photography, audio, graphics and fashion pieces.

Roy Wallace, Senior Lecturer in Media Production, will screen an updated version of his documentary work ‘The Day the Country Died’ at the event. He commented: “It’s not so much anarchy in the UK these days as ‘documenting punk in academia’. Most of us in the Punk Scholars Network have been active in the punk / anarcho-punk scene in UK and Europe, and are keen to document and celebrate the achievements of punk subculture. We are running the event in collaboration with colleagues in Paris (Punk is not Dead) who will host a similar event the day after, and we already have a wide range of proposals from Ireland, UK, Europe and USA.”

The Art of Punk is the third annual conference arranged by the Punk Scholars Network. Their website is currently in development, but for more information, visit: