Alan Moore to appear at launch event of University of Northampton academic project

Date 28.09.2017

World-renowned author, Alan Moore, will be one of the special guests at an event which will mark the launch of an academic project from the University of Northampton.

Northampton born and bred, Moore is widely known for his comic book work, such as Promethea, Lost Girls and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and has been described as the best graphic novel writer in history.

He will be joined on the bill at the Transition event by legendary ska-punk band Inner Terrestrials, comedian, musician and writer Andrew O’Neill and writer-poet Sophie Sparham.

Transition is the evening finale to a one-day academic symposium which will launch the Monad project and journal.

Developed by University media lecturers, Cavan McLaughlin and Roy Wallace, Monad: Journal of Transformative Practice is a transdisciplinary, open access (OA), peer-reviewed journal focusing on contemporary practices and practitioners that engage in progressive individual and/or cultural transformation.

The Monad project and journal will function as a digital hub, archiving and sharing principles of ‘best practice’ for realising progressive change.

“We recognise that such change comes both from self-development and engaging with community,” said Roy. “This is reflected in the emphasis on practice within both the journal and the overall project. Our mission is to seek out, publish and share—methods, models and makers of change.”

Cavan said: “We aim to provide a digital publishing platform for practices, and practitioners that actively seek to combat hegemony, challenge normativity and contravene conformity. So the project and journal will be radically inclusive. We aim to be tolerant of everything – except intolerance.

Materials that Monad seeks to publish, share, and archive include text-based articles, audio-visual works (for example, short films and documentaries, video art, audio-visual presentations), audio-only works, and even images with exegesis. Roy and Cavan hope to make space in Monad for a range of fields and approaches, including transformative spiritual/religious practice, transformative artistic practice, transformative political practice, transformative scientific and clinical practice.

For more information about Monad journal and the symposium, which takes place at the University of Northampton on Thursday 9 November, visit the website.

The Transition event takes place in the evening, following the symposium, at the Phoenix Bar, Bridge Street, Northampton.

To book your tickets, click the links below:

Monad Launch & Symposium

Transition (after party)