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Mrs. Roshni Khatri

  • Job title: Subject Leader: Occupational Therapy
  • Department: Occupational Therapy

General information

Professional/academic qualifications

  • 1991 Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy - University of Witwatersrand (South Africa)
  • 1994 Advanced Diploma in occupational Therapy Neurosciences - University of Witwatersrand (South Africa)
  • 2001 Master of Science in Occupational Therapy - University of Witwatersrand (South Africa)
  • 1992 Diploma in Marketing Management - South African Institute of Management (South Africa)
  • 1999 Postgraduate course in Neuro-developmental Therapy - Adult Hemiplegia - IBITAH recognized course - University of Witwatersrand (South Africa)
  • 1998 Australian OT Board Exam
  • 2002 External examiner for MSc - University of Witwatersrand - South Africa
  • 2002 United Kingdom OT Board Exam - Oxford University (UK)
  • 2004 Teaching Diploma in Yoga - Independent Yoga Network (UK)
  • 2005 E-moderator Certification - University of Leicester (UK)
  • 2007 Accreditation for Practice Placement Educators' Scheme (APPLE) - University of Northampton (UK)
  • 2008 Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching in Higher Education - University of Northampton (UK)
  • 2009 Higher Education Academy Fellowship (UK)
  • 2010 University of Northampton Teaching Fellow

Current study being undertaken and expected date of completion

  • PhD - An evaluation of the impact of antispasticity splinting on upper limb spasticity, functional independence and quality of life for stroke survivors. (Expected completion - 2015)
  • Acquired Brain Injury Project - Service Evaluation (Expected completion - 2011)
  • Sure Start Project - Service Evaluation (Expected completion - 2011)


Pre registration

  • Module leader for Level Six Dissertation
  • Teaching in Human Health module at Level 4
  • Teaching in Occupational Engagement at level 5
  • Teaching in the Research methods module at Level 5
  • Teaching Learning Disability Nurses (Cerebral Palsy) at Level 5
  • Teach Inter Professional learning at all levels
  • Teaching in Skills module at Level 6
  • Teaching in Dissertation Module Level 6
  • Supervision of students at all levels on practice placements
  • Supervision of student dissertations at level 6 and Level 7
  • Programme Leader for the Part Time route

Post registration

  • Module Leader and Teaching on MSc Rehabilitation and MSc Current Issues in Occupational Therapy
  • Teaching on the Advanced Skills Module for Advanced Neurology and Splinting, Model of Creative Ability.
  • Personal Tutor and dissertation supervisor for MSc Students
  • External Examiner - University of Derby for MSc Advanced Hand Therapy

Cross University activity

  • School of Health Learning and teaching group
  • University of Northampton E-portfolio group
  • E-strategy Programme Board


  • Rehabilitation of Clients with Physiological deficits especially in the area of Neurology Rehabilitation.
  • Educational Interests include the use of technology enhanced learning as a learning, teaching and assessment strategy.

Special areas of clinical interest (link teachers)

Professional interest in Adult Neurology, Paediatrics, Hand therapy, Arthritis, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Evidence based practice with special interest in the use of neuro-techniques in the rehabilitation of clients with Stroke, Head injuries and Cerebral Palsy.

Membership of professional bodies, national committees etc

  • Professional memberships
  • British Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Health Professionals Council
  • Model of Creative Ability Interest Group
  • Professional Reviewer for the UK Forum for Stroke Training


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