Photo of Miss. Rani Kaur

Miss. Rani Kaur

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer in Management
  • Department: International Strategy & Business

General information

Rani has worked at the University for the past 10 years in varying roles, whilst consulting to organisations who want to move operations to emerging economies. She has a wealth of experience in outsourcing, embedding CSR within organisations and delivering programs empowering women who have suffered domestic Violence, in a group and on a 1:1 basis.

Rani is currently a lecturer within the Northampton Business School, lecturing in Corporate Strategy and Corporate Social Responsibility. She is heavily involved in distance learning delivery and driving through change to engage students through varying media.

For some time, she has focused her efforts to local charitable works, as a non-executive director combating domestic violence.

Her research interests are:

  • the impact of culture on honour based violence
  • the extent of modern day slavery within the supply chain

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