Staff Profile

  • Nawar Al-Esawi defended his PhD thesis (entitled: Blended Fuel Droplet Heating, Evaporation and Combustion) in 2020 at Coventry University. In 2017, he obtained a Diploma in Laser Imaging of Spray Systems from Lund University in Sweden. He received his degree (Hons) in engineering in 2012. In 2015, he received his MSc degree in process engineering from the University of Leeds.

    He has 4 years of teaching experience in mechanical engineering subjects. He has a strong track record of publications obtained within the last three years. The work has been reported in high impact refereed journals and conferences.

  • BEng Mechanical Engineering

    • Computational Fluid Mechanics (Level 6)
    • Heat Transfer (Level 6)
    • Dissertation supervision (Level 6)

    BSc Engineering

    • Mechanical Principles (Level 4)
    • Analytical Methods for Technology (Level 4)
    • Dissertation supervision (Level 6)
  • Research Interests:

    • Bio-fossil fuel blends
    • Heat and mass transfer processes
    • CFD modelling
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  • Refereed Journal Articles

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    Refereed Conference Papers

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    Book Chapter

    • Al Qubeissi, M., Al-Esawi, N. and Kolodnytska, R., 2018. Atomization of bio-fossil fuel blends (pp. 59-81). IntechOpen.