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Dr. Mu Mu

  • Job title: Senior Lecturer - Computing
  • Department: Computing

General information

Dr Mu is a Lecturer in the Department of Computing and Immersive Technologies at The University of Northampton.

Previously he was a full-time Senior Research Associate in the School of Computing and Communications at Lancaster University, UK where he completed his PhD in Computer Science. Dr Mu's Master’s degree of Science was awarded by Darmstadt University of Technology (TU-Darmstadt) following an industrial master project at Deutsche Telekom.

For more details, visit Dr Mu's blog where you can also view his Other Publications.


  • CSY3010 Media Technology
  • CSY4010 Computing Dissertation
  • CSY2041 Quality and User-Centred Systems
  • CSY4013 Business Computing Dissertation


Dr Mu has been responsible for teaching, research, and the management of several European and UK projects. He also led the R&D of the Vision online IPTV system and the Storisphere storytelling platform for prototyping and user evaluation of new designs and development of creative media, context-aware distributed systems, and web technologies.

Dr Mu's current research interests cover the topics of QoE and human factor in multimedia systems, SDN/NFV applications, media orchestration, creative media as well as social and behavioral context integration. He published over 40 research papers in prestigious international conferences and journals, including IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, IEEE Communications Magazine, IEEE Multimedia, ACM Multimedia and ACM Multimedia Systems. He regularly serves as a programme committee member or a reviewer of workshops, conferences and journals such as the Springer MMSJ, IEEE TMM, ACM MMSYS, ACM TVX, IEEE ICC, IEEE CCNC and Elsevier COMNET. Dr Mu also reviews books and project proposals.


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