Ruth Bernardo: My Clearing Journey

Date 15 February 2023

Ruth shares her clearing experience and offers advice to anyone who may be going through the clearing process right now.

Ruth Bernardo

The circumstances around clearing were good for me. I was able to sort out my problem in terms of what happened to me on results day when choosing to come to this university as it was my first choice. My grades were better than expected, I already knew what my college gave to me when I signed off the papers. However, with UCAS the results seemed as if I didn’t do well, hence why I had to accept to do the 4-year course instead of doing my course for 3 years as planned.

In preparation before results day, as a Christian believer I kept on having faith and praying, believing that on results day everything would go well but at the same time I was also keeping up with my updates, attending interviews, and checking emails.

How Clearing can help you

I discovered the university through other people, as it was a place where everyone was talking about. Especially from one of the Youtubers who did attend the university and told me good stuff about it, which then made me take the university as a consideration amongst my other choices.

The members of staff were extremely helpful when trying to find a solution based on the problem that I was going through. They were very punctual, especially with their emails every day. I was meant to go and study at the University of Bedfordshire as they gave me the option but instead at the last-minute Northampton had emailed me regarding giving me a place at the institution to do 4 years of my chosen course.

The advice that I can give others who are going through the clearing process would be to remain calm and firm, there is always a way, and a solution will be given to you. Giving up during the clearing process is not the right thing that anyone should do as you could end up regretting it at the end. Clearing does also require being patience, as well as calling on the phone, there are always queues but just remain strong, you can do this!

Ruth Bernardo, wearing a red plaid shirt smiling at the camera.
Ruth Bernardo

Ruth Bernardo joined us to study Multimedia Journalism BA (Hons) via Clearing.