The University of Northampton Archive Collections

Archive collections

The University of Northampton Archive comprises institutional records, a small number of personal collections, and several associated archives within the wider university.

Core Collections

  • The University of Northampton
  • University College, Northampton
  • NENE College
  • The Colleges of Technology, Art, Education and Occupational Health
  • Institute for Creative Leather Technologies

Personal Archive Collections

  • The Angela Reeves Archive – the personal records of Angela Reeves, a graphic designer who worked mainly between 1960s – 1990s.
  • The Sue Ralph Archive – the research archive of Professor Sue Ralph, who addressed issues in education, special educational needs and disability history.
Associated Archives
  • Searchlight Archive – records of the anti-fascist ‘Searchlight Magazine’, including anti-fascist, anti-racist and left wing publications as well as those published by far right, racist groups.  For more information or to request access to this archive, please contact the Searchlight Collections Officer, Daniel Jones:
  • Andrew Bell Archive – the personal collection of Andrew Bell, a researcher who also worked on ‘World In Action’ and BBC’s ‘Panorama’.
  • Osborne Robinson Archive – a collection of posters, predominantly travel-related, but also including theatre and political subjects.

To access these collections, or for more information about their contents, please contact the University Archivist in the first instance:

Images from the Archive

Digitised images from the Archive will be added to our online catalogue wherever possible. While this work is being undertaken, many of our images can be viewed on the University of Northampton Archive Flickr stream.



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