Josephine Boye

Marketing Management and Multimedia Journalism Joint Honours BA (hons)*

  • Current job title: Social Media Executive
  • Organisation / company: ViacomCBS

UON is a place where the team don’t just care about your degree, they care about your future! It was a fantastic experience that helped pave my career.

I create and manage an innovative multi-channel social media plan around driving new TV shows, engagement and viewers responses for Channel 5. I ensure that the company’s social platforms are generating buzz and excitement, which drives new viewers to the channel and ensures the brand is top of mind against our competitors. Finally, I help run ads, implement and assist managing our social media strategy and preview new TV shows to see if it’ll work on social media focusing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

I joined the team at a time when Viacom just joined CBS so we’re all very new to the company so it’s nice to all be in the same position. I love that the team take on everyone’s ideas and when I find a TV show that I think will do well on Facebook and find the right clip and it goes semi viral it’s always a win! Sometimes it’s challenging responding to complaints and how best fit to respond and creating reports and gathering data can be a bit of a task sometimes.

With the industry I was going into I knew it was essential for me to have experience. Any spare time I had during university I’d use it to get experience in as many fields within my course as possible, so for the marketing side I did a bit of PR, social media, influencer marketing and digital marketing. With Journalism I did radio, TV, magazine, blogging and copywriting. All these opportunities I’d find on Twitter or google search ‘volunteer XXX assistant’ and sometimes I’d get paid for them.

Luckily for me I went into a job that’s linked to my degree and I was able to use modules from my course in my day to day tasks. In all of my strategies I have to think about the consumers behaviour and what they may or may not like which is a module that comes into my head 3-4 times a week when I’m working. As I’m a social media marketer, scaling it back and just bringing in the foundations of marketing when I’m redoing my quarterly strategy is always a part of that.

During my time at University I was a Digital Content Creator and I was part of the PENSA Society. Outside of University I presented award shows, red carpets and interviewed celebrities. I went on ABN radio station weekly to record the weather forecast. I blogged and managed the social media accounts for BLACPIRE magazine, and I did PR for up and coming artists and managed to get them on radio stations, TVs and in magazines.

All these things were what got me my job, alongside my degree. My degree helped me understand my job and allowed me to fully take control of my job and really be an expert in it once I got it. Without the experience it would’ve been hard to prove to companies that I could really hit the ground running and because of my experience I was able to provide evidence of how I could grow a social media platform from 0-50K followers within a year!

My advice is 100% get some work experience in marketing. Message a small business and ask them to help them with their marketing even if it is for free. It’ll pay off.

Social media

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  • LinkedIn: Josephine Boye
  • Twitter: @itsJosie_b
  • Instagram: @josiepboye

*  UON no longer offers Joint Honours progammes. Study Marketing BSc (hons) or Multimedia Journalism BA (hons) as single honours courses.