Work experience to BBC freelancer – student Kaylee kick-starts her media career

Date 1.02.2019

A week’s work experience with the BBC during her first year of university has paid off for Kaylee Poloczek, who now has her feet firmly under Auntie’s table.

After a successful initial stint with BBC Radio Northampton back in 2017, the University of Northampton Multimedia Journalism student was invited to work for the station on a freelance basis.

Combining her studies with building up her industry experience has meant Kaylee will graduate in the summer and freelance for the BBC on a full-time basis.

Kaylee, recounting her rise up the ranks at the Beeb while still only an undergraduate, said: “My first week in the BBC newsroom coincided with the first of a string of terror attacks in the UK.

“After three days the team asked for my bank details, to pay me, and I’ve been freelancing ever since.

“In my first summer I was on shift in the studio as a broadcast assistant, and was present for every major news event and terror attack and will never forget the day of the Manchester Arena bombing.

“Since then I’ve worked in a range of roles, including producing the summer Saturday afternoon show, working with a presenter and a reporter. I’d choose what would go into the show and which events to send the reporter to cover.

“That show was so successful I was given the job again the following summer, and also did some reporting.”

Kaylee added: “During term time I have limited shifts and only work weekends, but during breaks and holidays I’ve been full time. Last summer I regularly covered weekend shifts producing content and studio producing for presenters John Griff and Martin Heath.

“I was then offered the chance to be put into the team organising BBC Northamptonshire Day, a community event which attracted more than 5,000 people.

“Since working at the BBC I have moved around in a variety of roles, created packages and produced various shows, including weekend breakfast, the evening show and weekend afternoons. I’ve also written sport and news bulletins and produced bulletin clips.

“I love my job, I love producing radio shows. It’s fast paced and never dull. Local radio is full of interesting people and stories.”

Multimedia Journalism Course Leader, Hilary Scott, said: “We’re massively proud of what Kaylee has done while studying with us.

“She told us within a week that she wanted to be a radio journalist and her confidence and personality, along with the help of our tutors who are all journalists, have seen that ambition pay off.

“Our Multimedia Journalism degree at the University of Northampton gives real-world experience along with the correct training and academic study to give our graduates the skills they need to get those great jobs when they leave.”

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