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UON English academic scores front page splash for literary weekly

Date 28.05.2021

A University of Northampton academic has hit the literary headlines after being featured on the front cover of a national review title.

This week’s edition of the Times Literary Supplement (TLS) carries a review of Frances Wilson’s biography of D. H. Lawrence, by Visiting Professor in the Department of English, Dr Gerri Kimber.

Gerri’s review of Burning Man, which you can read on the website, was also splashed on the front cover of the TLS.

She was also invited to record a podcast with the TLS about her review of the book.

Gerri said: “It’s always a huge surprise when you make the front cover. I knew my review would be one of the main ones in that issue because of the length they had requested, but had no idea it had been selected as the lead review.

“It’s been a whirlwind of excitement, and absolutely delightful. I’ve actually been on the cover ten times now, but only had one other lead review: on the history of the cowgirl.

“I ended up doing a podcast with the then editor, Stig Abel, who thought I was an expert in the field, when really I knew almost nothing other than what I had read in the books selected for the review. But it was great fun, nevertheless.”

Your secret’s safe with us, Gerri.