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UNO bus service 19: Now serving the area of Sixfields, Northampton

Date 16.02.2017

From Monday 27 February 2017, the UNO bus route 19 will be expanded to cover stops to connect Sixfields Football Stadium, Edgar Mobbs Way (Franklin’s Gardens stadium parking) and St James’ Mill Road.

The UNO bus route 19 already links Northampton town centre, Northampton rail station and the University campuses. The new route, which will now also include stops within walking distance of major housing developments at Upton and the other leisure facilities at Sixfield, will mean changes to the Monday to Friday, day and evening services offered.

This change in route means that UNO buses will no longer serve Grafton Street, Spencer Bridge Road and St James’ Square; although the new route will include a stop within five minutes walking distance of St James’ Square, at the junction of St James’ Road and Byfield Road; near the Thomas A Becket pub.

Passengers will benefit from quicker journeys from the campuses to Northampton town centre, with buses going directly from Avenue Campus to the town centre, before continuing on to Northampton rail station. The total journey time to Northampton rail station will be approximately the same as the current journey time.

The current free-travel zone (between Park Campus and Barrack Road) and the staff/student discounted fares will remain as they are now.

UNO bus service 21 will remain the same. Other local bus companies will still serve the Grafton Street, Spencer Bridge Road and St James Square areas, connecting passengers to the main travel hubs of Northampton, and onto the University of Northampton campuses. All passengers using the UNO bus services are encouraged to check the revised timetables published by Northamptonshire County Council.