University’s resident social media superstar shines on podcast

News Page 24th April 2018

Listen back to the thoughts of Kardi Somerfield, our Senior Marketing Lecturer and social media marketing guru, on a new podcast from digital agency, Jisc.

Kardi, who was named in Jisc’s list of Higher Education’s top 10 social media superstars, discusses her use of digital channels to engage students at the University of Northampton.

Kardi uses Twitter to help students keep up to date with advertising and marketing best practice. She promotes the use of the AdStudent list to connect with industry influencers and the #AdStudents hashtag, to highlight posts from the advertising student community.

As Kardi explains in the podcast: “I think it is the job of educators, in some parts, to figure out how to harness the educational capabilities of this medium. Personally I think social media is a great way to keep in contact with one another and a fabulous way for students to stay in touch with the industry and the thought leaders in their chosen area.”

Listen to the podcast in full here (Kardi features from 24.41).

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