University supported social enterprise Healthwatch Northamptonshire officially launched

Date 11.11.2015

The University of Northampton and Northampton Volunteering Centre are proud to introduce Healthwatch Northamptonshire, the new independent consumer champion for health and social care.

Launching on Friday 14 June as part of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, Healthwatch Northamptonshire aims to speak for patients rather than services, to ensure everyone gets the best they can from their local healthcare provision. Everyone within our county has an equal right to be involved with Healthwatch Northamptonshire, and individual opinions will be used to feed into both local services and the national healthcare agenda.

Based at Top Lodge, on the University of Northampton’s Park campus, members of the community can contact Healthwatch Northamptonshire by calling 01604 893636, emailing the team, or visiting the website.

Healthwatch Northamptonshire is run as a social enterprise for the benefit of the community, and aims to facilitate change. The project will signpost local people to information about healthcare in Northamptonshire, and cover GP surgeries, dentists, pharmacists, opticians, hospitals, doctors, nurses, therapists, health visitors, ambulance services, care homes, supported living, home care, day services, carers, foster care, support at home, social care equipment, community health services, school nurses, health visitors, mental health services, children’s services, maternity units and surgeons.