University of Northampton Student named in Global ‘Top 100 Leaders in Education’

Date 7.01.2020

Sami Mohammed Handley, a postgraduate Research Student from the University of Northampton, has been named in the prestigious Global Forum for Education & Learning (GFEL) ‘Top 100 Leaders in Education’, for his significant contribution towards the field of education.

Speaking about the award, which he received at a glittering ceremony in Dubai, Sami said: “Learning is a priceless gift in which we all should embrace with passion, pride and a lifelong commitment to the future of our children. I am honoured to have been named in the Top 100, alongside other excellent leaders from across the globe.”

Sami received the ‘Top 100 Leaders in Education’ designation for his work at Director at the Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability – Middle East, which provides training and development interventions to establish and enhance peoples environmental and sustainable knowledge and skills.

Sami is currently nearing completion of his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), focusing on education and leadership, which is one of the highest qualification available in business and management. The DBA at the University of Northampton has been designed for senior professionals who wish to advance their careers by developing their academic research and critical thinking skills.

Speaking about his experience of doctoral studies with the University of Northampton, Sami said: “There are seismic changes to the way the business and political landscapes are understanding and responding to our climate crisis, there’s no better time to study a DBA for me.

“Through my doctoral studies, I’ve been able to explore the leading thinking in sustainability and environmental issues, alongside leadership and education best practice from excellent academics at the University of Northampton, blending the academic theory and my practical work experience, to come up with innovative solutions to this challenge;, not just for my thesis, but also benefitting my role with the Institute of Environmental Management and Sustainability.”

The Global Forum for Education & Learning brings together people who made significant contributions in the realm of education.