University of Northampton signs Memorandum of Understanding with Atma Jaya University in Indonesia

Date 16.11.2015

​The University of Northampton signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Atma Jaya University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia last week. Atma Jaya University is a top private university with a strong Business Faculty.

The collaboration between the two universities will lead to staff development and joint research activities, with student exchange visits from both institutions.

The MOU includes plans to welcome Atma Jaya Business Faculty students to complete the final year of their degree at Northampton. Students will study the BA Business and Management Top Up and BA International Accounting Top Up from September 2014 onwards.

Ian Brooks, Executive Dean of Northampton Business School commented: “This move forms a significant part of our rapidly developing Indonesian strategy. Atma Jaya are a strong University, very well disposed to the University of Northampton and keen to work with us on a number of projects, including student exchanges.”

The MOU follows increasing desire from Indonesian universities to offer more international pathway options for their students. The UK is becoming an increasingly popular destination for Indonesian students and there has been a steady increase of students coming to the UK for study over the past three years. This increase is partly due to a fast growing economy and more middle income families with a higher disposable income. Another factor is also the rising living costs in Australia, causing Indonesian students to opt for alternative destinations such as Germany and the UK with cheaper living costs.

Photograph: (Left to right) Dr Alexander Djatmiko Wibowo (Dr Alex) – Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Faculty of Economics (Atma Jaya University), Vice-Chancellor Nick Petford (University of Northampton), Dr Budi Suprapto, MBA., Ph.D. (Dr Budi) – Head of Management Department, Faculty of Economics (Atma Jaya University).