University of Northampton renews its partnership with Santander Universities UK to provide student scholarships

Date 16.11.2015

​​​The University of Northampton is delighted to announce that it has renewed its partnership with Santander, through the Santander Universities Global Division, which will benefit students with the means ofscholarships, travel grants, internships and support for academic travel or research.

Simon Bray, Director of Santander Universities UK, was invited to a signing ceremony on Tuesday 20 May with the University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Nick Petford, and had the opportunity to meet the students who have benefited from the scholarships.

Simon commented: “We’re proud to be celebrating six years of a successful partnership with the University of Northampton and we look forward for more to come. It’s great to meet the students we have actually supported through our scholarships and we are delighted to be signing this agreement again. The University of Northampton is a shining light and an example of how a university has worked with Santander to establish different activities, be open to new ideas and really explore things that could be truly collaborative.”

Nick Petford added: “We have been working with Santander since 2008 and have cemented a very productive and successful relationship. What the funding from Santander contributes to our student experience is exceptional and I salute Santander’s vision to get involved in universities. This is a proper strategic partnership and I’m very proud and pleased that we are part of it.”

Brazilian student, Amanda Correia Martins, was awarded a scholarship to enable her to complete her Master’s degree in the UK. She said: “My scholarship from Santander gave me the opportunity to fulfil my dream and complete my Master’s degree. Without this scholarship, I would have had to postpone or give up, but the University of Northampton and Santander made my dream possible, both professionally and personally. I really appreciate this opportunity and I’m doing my best to accomplish it with great honours.”

Student, Manavi Perera, took part in Balloon Kenya, a six-week social enterprise programme, which strives to defeat poverty through entrepreneurship by teaming up young people from the UK with young people from Kenya in order to create new businesses.

She commented: “I took part in Balloon Kenya last year and it was an amazing opportunity. I would like to thank the University of Northampton and Santander for making it possible. With Balloon Kenya, you work with people on the ground so you don’t leave them with one thing, but with something that has more of a legacy so they can help themselves.”