University of Northampton academic has patent approved by UK Intellectual Property Office

Date 16.11.2015

Dr Ali Al-Sherbaz, Senior Lecturer in Computing in the University of Northampton’s School of Science and Technology, has had a patent approved by the Intellectual Property Office.

The patent, entitled Method and Process for Routing and Node addressing in Wireless Mesh Networks, is a mathematical idea which solves a problem in a wireless mesh network. Dr Al-Sherbaz created the algorithm while studying his PhD at the University of Buckingham eight years ago, and the patent application has been assessed several times in recent years before being granted on 27 August.

Dr Al-Sherbaz explained: “I came up with a mathematical idea which based on assigning the prime numbers as logical address for mobile nodes which guaranteed to find a full route in wireless mesh network. After a while I realised this is a patentable idea, so I was keen to submit it to the Intellectual Property Office in the UK on 2010. Since that time the patent application has been assessed several times and finally on 27 August 2014, the IP office has granted my application and sent me the Certification of Grant of Patent. I am very proud of this patent.”

​The algorithm detailed in the patent enables any node in a Wireless Mesh Network to have knowledge of all intermediate nodes, in all the possible-routes towards the destination node. The algorithm uses a novel recursive algorithm to accumulate knowledge beyond the neighbouring nodes, as well as the sequence of all the intermediate nodes used to form these routes. Prime numbers are used in the address of the host portion of the WMN node IP address to identify the optimum route.​

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