UN launches fundraising campaign INVEST

Date 11.11.2015

To coincide with the 10th anniversary of the University of Northampton receiving full university degree awarding status, we have launched our largest ever fundraising campaign, INVEST.

The INVEST campaign, which aims to raise £19million by 2018, will allow the University to focus philanthropic activities in support of our mission to ‘transform lives and inspire change’. This mission encapsulates the University’s focus on social innovation and social impact: bringing new thinking too difficult social and environmental problems to make the lives of people, in Northamptonshire and beyond, measurably better.

There are two areas for the INVEST campaign; philanthropic funds to support our ‘people’, through support for first class research, student scholarships, bursaries and nurturing emerging areas of expertise; and generating funds to develop our ‘place’ – the University’s brand new Waterside Campus, opening in 2018.

Gifts to the INVEST campaign will be used to further develop our social innovation and social impact plans. The money raised will help us do more ‘good stuff’ that helps both people and the environment.

Professor Simon Denny, Director of Advancement, Research and Enterprise and Impact, said: “The University of Northampton was the first UK institution to gain Ashoka U Changemaker Campus status, in recognition of our commitment to inspiring our staff and students to create a positive social impact on the world. The INVEST campaign will provide the vital philanthropic funds to support our students and staff, who have the ambition and drive to make a positive impact through their activities by removing financial constraints. We have some great examples of students, staff and alumni that have done fantastically good stuff. We know that our supporters fully support our social impact goals and will want to help us improve the world. ”

“Support from our alumni, partners and other organisations who are also motivated to be a part of our activities to transform lives and inspire change will be vital to the success of INVEST. We have a unique opportunity with the development of the Waterside Campus to design, build, teach and dedicate this space to creating a positive social impact. Even through the tender process, the University is living these values and has already committed to the creation of the largest positive social impact project of any large scale development in the UK to date.”

To be a part of the INVEST campaign, gifts both large and small can be made by visiting our website or by calling 01604 892518.