Top student work on display at the University of Northampton’s Degree Show

Date 8.06.2016

A mirror fasting project and a photographic documentary showing life through a screen are just a few examples of work that will be on display at the University of Northampton’s Degree Show next week.

Opening to the public on Saturday 11 June, the Degree Show celebrates the achievements and talents of final year students from the School of The Arts and will feature work from a wide range of courses, including Architectural Technology, Fine Art, Illustration, Interior Design and Popular Music.  The show will run until Sunday 19 June and gives the public the opportunity to view students’ work in a professional setting.

Exhibiting documentation from some of his most recent durational performances, Fine Art student Justin Sanderson presents Void___Self:  Confronting the Self, a work where he resisted seeing his face for 16 months and Suit, a piece in which he wears the same tailored suit made of curtains, every day, for a year. He said: “I explore the world and rules around me through placing restrictions on myself.”

Budding photographer Jess Streeton’s final project looks at how technology has impacted on our lives over the last few years, particularly with the millennial generation. Her concept focuses on how we see the world through a screen rather than our eyes and has captured different images of the hustle and bustle of daily life. Jess said: “I have enjoyed discovering how many of us are actually on our devices each day and how we all have the necessity to have them on us at all times in case we miss something. From a photography perspective, I have enjoyed collecting these images and putting them together.”

Josie Tunn has just completed the Foundation Art and Design course and her textiles design project attempts to bring a fresh twist to the art deco movement in the form of colourful geometric prints, textiles and home furnishings. For her exhibition, she will be creating a contemporary room set displaying ideas for wallpaper, lighting and textiles. She said: “I have enjoyed seeing the final piece come together as all the hard work has paid off. The most challenging part of this project was to create designs that are fresh and unique.”

Jayne Bingham, Acting Dean of the School of The Arts, said:  “Our students have worked very hard to generate some terrific examples of art and design practice and it will be fantastic to see it on public display.  The Degree Show will be full of clever ideas with media, materials and subject matter with high production values throughout and staff are very proud of their students’ achievements. It has been a great year!”

The Degree Show is open to the public from Saturday 11 to Sunday 19 June at Avenue Campus, St George’s Avenue, Northampton, NN2 6JD.

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