The power of a picture sparks an idea for UON graduate

Date 24.09.2020

A University of Northampton graduate, Trevor Price, has channelled his wanderlust into the pages of his first photography book, Japan in JPG.

Exploring the world in person is off the agenda, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, but eager to relive his travels, Trevor dug out an old memory card full of pictures from a trip to Japan in 2016.

Trevor, a digital marketing specialist, blogger, and photographer, credits the creative elements, which were part of his Marketing degree, at the University of Northampton for influencing his love of photography. Trevor said: “While I was studying, we explored the power of imagery for marketing communications. This and a study trip to New York, set me on a path to explore creating my photography.”

Trevor, who has travelled the world taking pictures for business and pleasure, said: “Back in 2016, when I travelled to Japan, I was just starting to get to explore photography, trying different styles of shooting, using any and all methods I could to find what worked best for me and I had just invested in my first camera. I did a lot of switching of settings, shooting styles and of course some mobile photography, which resulted in an interesting, and varied collection of images including photos from my phone at the time an iPhone 7+.

“It was fate to rediscover and edit these photos in a year where travel was almost non-existent, and Japan’s preparations to host the Olympics 2020 never made it over the finish line.

“I found that lockdown gave me a unique focus for these images. It was wonderful to be able to get lots in the photos and memories, from the safety of my home. It was this, that sparked the motivation to create a photo book for other people to enjoy.”

Japan in JPG is 40 pages of glorious images, shot in JPG format, documenting, through Trevor’s unique eye, the sights, sunsets, and food he experienced in Japan in 2016.

Though Trevor hadn’t intended to create a photobook of his travels – from Tokyo to Mount Fuji, with some unexpected suburban gems in between. Looking with fresh eyes at the images, Trevor decided that a photo book could do more than help him to relive his fleeting memories.

Trevor has self-published just 140 editions of the book, which are on sale in his online shop with the first 75 UK customers getting the chance to win a flight, for two, to Japan. However, Trevor wanted Japan in JPG to be more than just another photography book, he has pledged to donate a percentage of the sales to support an organisation close to his heart, Black British Bloggers. Black British Bloggers is a platform championing black voices online, who Trevor has been inspired by for many years and has come to be recommended by as a photographer.

Speaking about his motivations behind the donation, he said: “I have been a blogger for years and I truly believe that black voices benefit from the guidance and opportunities provided by Black British Bloggers so hopefully my promised donation will be able to help with cultivating more bloggers that look like me with lots to say in their respective niches.”

Mariam Bashorun, Founder, Black British Bloggers, said: “It was such a pleasant surprise to have Trevor offer to donate proceeds of his book to Black British Bloggers. He has already been generous enough by offering discounts to his services to the BBB community as one of our recommended photographers.

“This donation is very much appreciated and will allow us to invest in the digital events we will be hosting to keep our community connected and empowered to keep creating content during these challenging times.”

Trevor hopes to return to Japan as soon as he can to reshoot more of what Japan has to offer, and plans to create another photo book to document his trip.