We’re leading the way in ‘Supporting Northamptonshire to Flourish’

Date 25.04.2016

The county’s new Health and Wellbeing Strategy has just been launched. Called ‘Supporting Northamptonshire to Flourish’, the strategy will be used to prioritise the development and delivery of health and wellbeing services in the county for the next four years.

A team from the University of Northampton has played a huge part in delivering the strategy process; a project which has brought together representatives from councils, clinical commissioning groups, local hospitals, community-based services and the voluntary sector. The University of Northampton liaised with all representatives to distinguish the four main priorities in the county for health and wellbeing, before producing an evidence-based strategy document which details how, by working together, we can accomplish our goals. The strategy has been signed by all members of the Northamptonshire Health and Wellbeing Board.

The four main priorities for the county – which largely align with our own Changemaker Challenges – are below:

  • Giving every child the best start in life
  • Taking responsibility and making informed choices
  • Promoting independence and quality of life for older adults
  • Creating an environment for all people to flourish

Vice Chancellor Professor Nick Petford explained: “The new Health and Wellbeing Strategy for Northamptonshire is immensely important, and by working together we will make our county happier and healthier, while saving both money and resources. We’re proud that we’re able to shape the county’s future in such a significant way. By joining forces, we’ll spend less money, and work smarter, using our assets to break down boundaries and deliver health and wellbeing services in a cohesive and sensible way. ”

The strategy process was delivered by Professor Carol Phillips, Dr Matthew Callender and Katie Jones, under the guidance of Professor Nick Petford and the Health and Wellbeing Board. To view the strategy, click here.