Students learn about financial reporting from the world’s richest football club

News Page 29th November 2017

Accounting and Finance students from the University of Northampton had the opportunity to learn about how one of the premier football clubs Manchester United manages its finances when they took a visit to Old Trafford.

Named as the ‘world’s richest club’ by Deloitte’s Football Money League, the students were given an insight into the unique way that the football industry reports on its finances so they could gain a more in-depth understanding of how these are presented.

The day consisted of a dedicated workshop which provided the students with a stimulating environment in which they were able to engage and ask questions to further understand revenue streams and operating expenses.

The students also were able to see behind the scenes at Old Trafford with a tour of the stadium, which included the dressing rooms, the press room and the chance to run through the players’ tunnel.

Dalbir Khangura, Senior Lecturer in Accounting, said: “It was an amazing day which gave students the opportunity to learn in an environment that a lot of them have a vast amount of interest in.”

One of the students Patrick Taveyus said: “The trip was very informative and gave some insight into how a large organisation managed its finances.”

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