‘Socks away!’ for Podiatry students with foot health donations

Date 27.02.2024

Podiatry students are ‘pulling up their socks’ to provide extra comfort for their patients and do a good deed for the homeless with a free giveaway.

The students are giving 66 pairs of Northampton-themed socks to their patients so they have ‘happy feet’ long after they walk out of the University of Northampton’s (UON) Podiatry Clinic on Cliftonville Road.

The idea comes from the Stand4 Socks initiative. As people can spend up to 66% of the day wearing socks, Stand for Socks’ products provide comfy, anti-bacterial products to keep feet in tip-top condition.

Stand 4 Socks also give a free pair of their products to homeless charities for every paid sold, as socks are much needed but are less often donated. The students have donated their extra 66 pairs to Northampton Hope Centre.

Podiatry student Charlie Cunningham is part of the ‘team of three’ – with Lolli Harris-Jones and Sarah Finucane – behind the UON offer. Charlie is also President of the students’ Podiatry Society which provided the funds from various activities. He says: “Most of us can be ‘in our socks’ for up to 16 hours a day and for most days of the week that can add to physical discomfort we might feel.

“As an addition to the care we provide at the University’s Podiatry Clinic, students have been happy to offer patients Northampton skyline-themed socks for when they walk out of the Clinic. The socks have a built-in ‘comfort arch’ and soft fabric to give patients a spring in their steps.”

The team will post updates about the giveaway on their Instagram account: @uon.podiatry.society

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