Shadow Minister praises the University for teaching students life skills

Date 16.11.2015

​Liam Byrne MP, Shadow Minister for Universities, Science and Skills, was full of praise for the University of Northampton during the Labour politician’s visit to Park Campus this week.

Mr Byrne spoke to students, toured the University’s Institute for Creative Leather Technologies (ICLT) and met Vice Chancellor Nick Petford during a whistle-stop tour on Monday 2 March.

Following his visit to ICLT, he spoke to the local press, and told reporters: “The University of Northampton is doing what we want others to do by encouraging young people to become more creative in the arts and sciences.

“This is the way we are going to help them get real work experience.

“We need more young people to take up the opportunity to come to university as it will get them into good jobs.”

Rachel Garwood, Director of ICLT, said: “Another significant visitor impressed by both our education and facilities here at ICLT, all important in raising the profile of leather as a career option here in the UK.

“He showed real interest in the potential return of manufacturing to the UK and also our engagement with industry’s small and medium enterprises.”

Mr Byrne, who was accompanied on his tour by Sally Keeble, Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Northampton North, spoke at length to two undergraduates – Reece Price, who is studying History and Politics, and Emily Walker, who is studying Education and Politics.

Emily said: “It was a really good experience to speak to such a well-regarded MP and a great opportunity to see how politicians operate in the real world.”

Reece added: “It’s important for politicians to listen to what young people have to say, and it was good to see Mr Byrne taking an interest in our opinions.”

Emily and Reece are pictured with Mr Byrne and Ms Keeble.