Seven members of 1st Degree Facilities achieve ILM Qualification

Date 16.11.2015

Congratulations to seven members of the 1stDegree Facilities team, who have recently completed level three of the Institute of Leadership and Management qualification. Dean Gardner, Dani Halton and Ksenia Terekhovskaya (based at Avenue Campus), Jovita Dainauskyte, Diana Knapman and Wayne Scully (based at Park) and Derren Taylor (based at St Johns), all completed the qualification while working within the University.

Liz Quinn of 1st Degree Facilities commented: “We are very proud of our staff who have achieved the ILM course in Leadership and Management. Staff from across all departments have successfully risen to the challenge presented by combining work and study. We are very pleased to recognise this significant achievement– well done to all of you!”

Dean Brookes, Associate Lecturer within Northampton Business School, worked with the seven candidates in the classroom. He explained: “I can still see the look of shock and horror when I first told the students that there will be assignments. For most of them it was their first studying they had done since leaving school. There were a few ‘I can’t do this’ and ‘yes you can’ moments but I am very proud of all of them and what they have achieved. For some it was a real test as they stepped outside of their comfort zones and from my perspective it was a joy to teach them. Everyone, without exception, contributed wonderfully to the class activities and discussions.”

Pictured left to right: Jovita Dainauskyte, Ksenia Terekhovskaya, Dean Gardner, Dani Halton, Diana Knapman.​