School of Education Student Conference: Research with impact

News Page 6th July 2016

The University of Northampton, School of Education’s research conference (24-25 June), organised by PhD students, created a focal point for students and staff to share research ideas, support each other and develop further research with an impact.

The conference welcomed Dr Nidhi Singal, and Dr Wai Yi Feng, both from the University of Cambridge, delivered keynotes on inclusion and the sustainable development goals, and developing a conceptual framework respectively.

Dr Nidhi Singal’s keynote examined how inclusive education has been highlighted in recent international proclamations, including the Sustainable Development Goals. Drawing on evidence in the field, particularly research conducted in Southern contexts, she examined how meaningful educational participation of children with disabilities continues to remain one of the most challenging issues. Dr Singal posed the question as to whether the current discourse around ‘inclusive education’ is actually stifling in developing creative solutions to old challenges. She concluded by arguing for a focus on identifying enablers in the existing systems and proposed new ways of moving forward, including the need for a re-envisioned agenda.

Dr Wai Yi Feng discussed conceptual frameworks at their different levels, from the overarching conceptualisation that threads through a research project, to the frames of reference that underpin individual units of investigation.

The conference also saw 11 students, ranging from PhD to final BA students, present their research and findings. The conference saw lively debates on whether educational research can change practice, and the skills and competences we learn by doing research. Dr Cristina Devecchi, Associate Professor in Education at the University of Northampton thanked the the student organisation committee, Jomy Jose  Remi Odunsi, Tran My Chau, and Yumy Zhao

A detailed overview of all the speakers can be seen online here.

Pictured: (Left to Right) Dr Wai Yi Feng, My Chau Tran, Pat Carrington, Remi Odunsi, Tarri Tanyongana, Dr Cristina Devecchi, Prof Richard Rose, Yumy Zhao, Martin Murove & Jomy Padayattil


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