Researchers looking to convey the right image

Date 1.02.2018

An exhibition of pictures featuring an old tannery in Cairo, laser imagery of human feet, and a psychology experiment conducted in a floatation tank can mean just one thing – the University’s Images of Research competition is back, and open for voting.

Now in its fifth year, the competition offers researchers a chance to illustrate or represent their research using a unique image, along with an abstract of up to 150 words describing how the image reflects their research.

Exhibition organiser, the Graduate School’s Simone Apel, said: “We’ve had a record number of thirty-eight entries this year, and the quality of photos, drawings and abstracts make for a very impressive exhibition.”

The competition has attracted researchers from every stage of their career, including postgraduate research students, postdocs, and lecturers. Even University Vice Chancellor, Professor Nick Petford has entered.

The volcanologist submitted his 3D image of harmful, microscopic ash particles, collected after the Icelandic volcanic eruption that grounded flights and left 10 million air travellers stranded in 2010.

Some of the other research ‘on show’ includes the role of a key protein in the progression of muscular dystrophy; the state of the UK’s pet reptile trade; and a comparison of volunteer policing across six countries.

As in previous years, the public are being asked to vote for their top three images and abstract. The images can be viewed either in person at the University, or online here.

“We want people to vote for images they find visually appealing, but that also have an accompanying abstract which is well written and clearly connects with the image to describe the research,” added Simone.

The annual competition, which started in 2013, creatively showcases some of the research at the University and, says Simone, the competition reflects research projects that are as diverse as the images are creative.

“The images are the perfect medium for engaging non-specialists and capture the essence of even complex research projects in an accessible way.”

Online voting runs between February 1st and 13th April 2018.

The associated exhibition will be on view at our Avenue Campus until February 23rd. After this it will travel to Park Campus, to be displayed on the ground floor of Rockingham Library, then at Avenue Library entrance until Easter.

Photo at top: 2016-17 Winner: ‘A snapshot of whose worlds and meanings?’ Kim Dodd, Faculty of Health and Society