Researchers at UN to carry out a UNICEF project in Bhutan

Date 13.11.2015

Researchers in the School of Education at the University of Northampton have recently been awarded a contract to conduct a project for UNICEF in Bhutan.

A team led by Professor Richard Rose will conduct a national survey in order to ascertain knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to children with disabilities in the country. This research will build upon work that academic staff from the Centre for Education and Research at the University of Northampton has conducted in several areas of South Asia over a number of years.

The research will involve training local field workers to collect data via a household survey. This will be followed by interviews conducted with education policy makers and groups supporting children with disabilities throughout Bhutan.

UNICEF officials have worked closely with the Government of Bhutan to identify this area of need which falls broadly within the remit of the UNESCO Education for All Goals and the aim to achieve universal primary education. It is hoped that this research will provide data that will assist in achieving increased educational opportunities for many children who currently have limited access to formal education.

The Centre for Education and Research is involved in research at local, regional and international levels and has secured funding from several research councils, government agencies and non-government organisations. Researchers within the Centre have an international reputation for the quality of their work in the field of special and inclusive education and disability.

Richard Rose, Head of Research at the School of Education, commented: “The opportunity to conduct research for UNICEF reflects the considerable commitment made by researchers from the Centre for Education and Research, in support of education for children who have difficulty in accessing schooling in South Asia. Our presence there as researchers and teachers over a number of years has been recognised and sought by a number of agencies in this region.”