Research Highlights of 2017

News Page 16th January 2018

The University’s annual Research Highlights publication is now available to download.

As always, it focuses on a diverse range of University research areas, and this year these include waste management, life sciences, education, technology and social impact.

It features staff at every point on the career spectrum – from early stage researchers to established leaders in their fields, with the introduction written by two postgraduate students, Artemis Artemiou and Nour Zantah.

“From Education to Waste Management, our researchers are driven by the same burning question: how do we use research to impact the world in a positive way?

“Sadly, research can be seen as an object that collects dust on a shelf but, as Research Highlights shows, research can have real-life implications and offer solutions to complex problems, not just on a local scale but globally as well.

“Hailing from various countries, cultures and traditions, our researchers are as diverse as our research topics and further display our commitment as an institution to the principles of Changemaker and our desire to celebrate diversity in academia.”

Research Highlights is available here.

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