Raptor support helps to get WeActiv web service up and running

News Page 6th July 2016

Raptor, the University of Northampton’s embedded Marketing and Business Agency, is designed to provide industry opportunities for students to put theory in to practice, connecting Northamptonshire businesses with this high calibre talent. As part of the University of Northampton’s mission to promote entrepreneurship, students can put their knowledge and skills into practice to address a strategic issue or business problem for a client organisation, whilst businesses benefit from student teams who are passionate about making a difference.

Raptor has recently helped out a local start-up company, Enlighten Technologies, by utilising expertise and skills from students to deliver a start-up package composing of research, a marketing plan and a website to increase the chances of success for their new product “WeActiv” – a web platform service in monitoring activity and fitness.

Joe Powell, of Enlighten Technologies wanted to use somebody who had experienced managing projects of this scale and could support the development of the business. Joe needed someone to find coherent, focused resources to help develop the website and improve the market strategy.

Joe was extremely happy with the Raptor experience: “The package put together by the Raptor team has provided me excellent insight and provided a more focused direction of what I need to do, when and how to make it effective.”

One of the students involved in the project, Emily Hodson-Walker, a BA Business graduate, said: “After graduating, I wanted to extend my knowledge and gain real ‘hands on’ experience of working with external clients on real projects. By working for Raptor, I had the opportunity to apply what I have learned throughout the three years at university.”

“I have gained some real life experience on project work and how to manage milestones and a team in order to work alongside an external client. I have learnt to self-manage my own time and I have a better understanding of a possible future career and have gained some experience in another field of work.”

The project manager for the WeActiv venture was Gregory Vaughan, who believed that the experience was invaluable and helped him map his career path.

Gregory said: “I am hoping to take my career along a consultancy/project management route in the future so feel this provides a good starting point. I enjoy managing teams of people and using my degree where possible. Raptor allowed me to do both successfully, while being paid to do so!”

“I feel this project has increased my confidence when it comes to project management and creating documents that clients want. I will be able to understand client’s needs better in the future and provide an exemplary service to prospective clients.”

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