Psychology Professor awarded Outstanding Contribution award from the prestigious Parapsychological Association

Date 16.11.2015

Psychology Professor Chris Roe from the University of Northampton’s Centre for the Study of Anomalous Processes (CSAPP), has been awarded an ‘Outstanding Contribution Award’ by the Parapsychological Association (PA).

The award is given to a PA member who has made an outstanding research or service contribution that has advanced the discipline of parapsychology. The prestigious award has had 21 recipients since it was established in 1988, and Professor Roe is the first person from the UK to win the accolade. As a result he has been invited to give a keynote address at the 2014 convention, to be held in Concord, California.

Professor Roe commented: “I am really proud to have won the Outstanding Contribution Award. It’s very welcome recognition of all the hard work and achievement of the CSAPP team here at the University of Northampton.”

Professor Roe is research leader for the University’s psychology department. His research interests include factors associated with paranormal belief and anomalous experiences, the psychology of deception, and psychological correlates of performance on laboratory-based tests of extrasensory perception and psychokinesis. He is Editor of the Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.

The Parapsychological Association is an international professional body of scientists and scholars engaged in the study of psychic experiences. Members’ expertise covers areas including telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing, psychokinesis, psychic healing and precognition.​

More information about the PA’s annual awards can be found online: