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Praise for passionate students who are helping their communities

Date 15.05.2020

Students from the University of Northampton have been praised for helping people in their communities.

The University’s Director of Enterprise & Employability, Wray Irwin, went on the record to say how impressed he’s been with our students’ response to the pandemic, in an interview with NLive Radio.

Examples of students who have been helping their communities during the pandemic include student nurse Hannah Shaw, who is supporting hospital professionals, and Criminology student Ben Eva, who donated £450 to his peers.

In April, we also reported how nearly 300 University of Northampton health students have set aside their studies to work on the NHS frontline.

You can watch an excerpt from the interview below.

Wray said: “Our students always want to get involved, they are passionate about working with other people and doing the best they can for them.

“We have students who have registered as NHS responders, have got more involved with community groups, doing collections for food banks.

“They are getting involved in online activities, with mindfulness workshops that students are delivering, finding different ways of connecting and supporting each other.

“There are so many individual acts of kindness I’ve heard about that collectively add to the powerful contribution that they make, and not just to Northamptonshire, because a lot of our home students have gone back to their home towns and communities and taking that spirit with them.”

Listen to the full interview on the NLive Radio website.