Podiatry research at the University of Northampton treads the international stage

Date 20.09.2017

Podiatric study at the University of Northampton continues to tread the international stage after recent high profile research visits.

Associate Professor Mike Curran, Senior Lecturer in Podiatry at the University of Northampton, has just returned from a sabbatical at the influential New York College of Podiatric Medicine.

He collaborated with Dr Bryan Kagan, voted one of the most influential forensic podiatrists in the US, looking at the size of footprints recorded at crime scenes and if there are differences with the actual foot size of a suspect. The results from the study will be available in spring 2018.

They complement a recent trip Dr Curran made to Atlanta when he presented two study papers, based on research conducted here at University of Northampton.

They concerned whether the use of hand-held devices such mobile phones and tablets or a particular weight affects how we walk.

Of his trips, Dr Curran said, “This is the only forensic podiatry collaboration between a UK and US schools, meaning we are leading the way nationally and internationally.

“It was great to promote our university and podiatry at such a large and prestigious conference in the US and was a great opportunity to network with forensic colleagues in the US and across the world.

“It will help develop the memorandum of understanding set up between the two of us in 2015, benefitting both researcher and, we hope in time, our respective student.”

Michael J. Trepal, DPM, Vice President of Academic Affairs and Dean of the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, added: “The College is delighted that Dr Kagan is collaborating with Dr Curran on this project, which will advance the discipline of forensic podiatry and open the door to future collaborations.”

photo brian curran podiatry new york

During his visit to the New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Mike Curran, Senior Lecturer in Podiatry at the University of Northampton (right), posed with Bryan Kagan, DPM, Adjunct Professor of Forensic Podiatry (left) and Anthony R. Iorio, DPM, MPH, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Community Health and Medicine (center). (Photo Credit: Ellen Lubell, NYCPM).

The New York College of Podiatric Medicine and University of Northampton signed an agreement to strengthen joint projects and the exchange of academic staff back in 2015. It is hoped that further collaborative study projects will follow.

The visit was partly facilitated by a Santander Travel Award from the University of Northampton.

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