Podiatry professor visits Houses of Parliament

Date 11.11.2015

Dr Mike Curran, Associate Professor in Podiatry, visited the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday to urge MPs to value the role footwear has in improving health.

Hosted by Mid Norfo lk MP George Freeman Minister for Life Sciences, the ‘Politically Correct Footwear’ event called on politicians to officially recognise the role correctly-fitting footwear has. The group also called for government health warnings to be used, to encourage an accurate fitting for children’s shoes.

Dr Curran was invited as he chairs a consortium of footwear companies called the Healthy Footwear Guide that includes well known footwear companies such as Hotters, Clarks, DB and Padders. These companies have a range of shoes that are classed as healthy fitting footwear. Dr Curran also has a close association with the Society of Shoe fitters who organised the event.

Dr Curran commented: “I was delighted that we received 29 MP’s into the room over the course of the event – something of a record in lobbying MPs on health related issues!”

Alex Salmond MSP

Alex Salmond MSP lends his support to the event.