Photography students gain industry insights from one of the best in the business

News Page 12th April 2018

Students at the University of Northampton who want to develop a successful career in photography are learning from one of the best in the business.

Eugenio Franchi has been at the forefront of still life photography in London for many years, and is the go-to guy for leading brands when they want the very best visual advertising campaigns.

Global brands who have used the award-winning Associate Lecturer for ad campaign shoots include Ferrari, Shell, McDonald’s, Virgin Atlantic, Heinz, plus Peroni, Guinness, Beck’s and Heineken beer.

“With the rise of smartphones and social media, everybody thinks they are a photographer,” said Eugenio, who teaches students the commercial aspects of the industry.

“But, I explain to our students that to be a success and get to the top, photography is only 30 per cent of the job. In addition to all the invoicing, keeping on top of paperwork, and so on, it’s vital you are constantly working on your portfolio and keeping your work at the forefront of clients’ minds.

“Having the talent and eye for an image is essential, but it’s also a lot of hard work, and our graduates leave the University equipped with the knowledge that should help them to forge a successful career.”

Eugenio’s career spans three decades and has taken him from a cruise ship photographer, to full time assistant to professional photographers, before he struck out on his own in 1998, when he set up his own business and studio in Shoreditch.

But it was one photo, while still working as an assistant, that helped to propel Eugenio’s career in advertising – and has continued to work in his favour ever since – a ‘cityscape’ composed of staples, below.


Eugenio Franchi

Eugenio Franchi’s staple cityscape

Eugenio said: “This was the shot that propelled me on to become a photographer. Many people complimented me on the image and I subsequently went for it as a photographer.

“Twenty years on, and off the back of that image, I still get requests to shoot cityscapes and skylines, even shooting the city of London out of coffee and cocktail items for Tia Maria earlier this year.”

Click on the gallery below to see more of Eugenio’s work.

Visit Eugenio’s website.



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