Tuesday 16 August 2016

Payal Jain, PhD student in Malaysia

With gender equality being such an important issue globally, one PhD student from the University of Northampton had the opportunity to participate in a research project to influence policy recommendations to promote gender equality in Malaysia.

Payal Jain, who is from the University’s Institute for Social Innovation and Impact (ISII), attended the ‘Researcher’s Link Workshop on Maternity Protection in Malaysia’ at the Centre of Research on Women and Gender at the University Sains Malaysia based in Penang last month.

The aim of the research project was to identify the needs, challenges and inequalities suffered by women in Malaysia in organisations and society. Individuals belonging to different stakeholder groups, such as NGOs, universities, public and private sector and the members of the public were interviewed and focus groups were conducted. After the field work, the research findings were presented to the stakeholder groups and policy recommendations were made to promote women’s rights and women empowerment within the governmental and non-governmental organisations in Malaysia.

Payal said: “It was an amazing experience to visit the University Sains Malaysia and to meet so many people who were committed to advocate gender equality and encourage the role of women in contributing to socio-economic development of society. It was heartening to see the engagement of not only women, but also men to promote diversity in workplaces and encourage women to demonstrate and undertake leadership roles in society.”

Dr Richard Hazenberg, Leader of the ISII, commented: “It is great that Payal was able to attend this conference in Malaysia. Gender equality is an extremely important issue globally and one that social innovators, social entrepreneurs and social value creators are striving to ensure. The Institute for Social Innovation and Impact is delighted that Payal represented us at this important event.”

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