Over 200 UN staff ‘stepped into action’ this summer

Date 12.11.2015

Over 200 members of staff at the University of Northampton took part in the Step into Action challenge, which aims to help people increase the number of steps they take each day.

The challenge took place throughout May with teams of up to five participants; each with a pedometer, taking on a virtual challenge each week which are designed so all team members equates to the total number of steps in each challenge.

There were 51 teams registered, with the majority of participants indicating that the main reason for taking part was to improve their health and fitness.

  • 88 percent of participants felt their level of walking had increased as a result of the challenge, with 76 per cent increasing the amount they walk at work.
  • 65 per cent of participants who increased the amount they walked at work walked between once and twice a week.
  • 56 per cent of the overall number of participants indicated that they walked three to four times a week outside work, with a further 19 per cent walking five times a week.

The winner team, Critical Striders, consisted of Nikki Woods, Sylvie Lomer, Elizabeth Palmer, Kate Swinton and Helena Beeson, who all won a month’s membership to the University gym.

Becky Bradshaw, Safety, Health and Environment Manager, commented: “Participation in the Step into Action challenge increased significantly compared with those registered for the challenge in 2012.

The challenge was organised and facilitated by the University’s Health and Wellbeing Forum and is just one of the initiatives offered as part of the University’s commitment to promoting the health and wellbeing of its staff.

It was great to see participation levels in the challenge increase significantly this year, especially as the vast majority of participants were walking the recommended 10,000 steps a day by the end of the challenge. Many participants reported that not only will they continue to make the lifestyle changes that impacted upon their levels of physical activity but that they would be promoting the challenge to colleagues next year!”

​Helena Beeson, Academic Practice Tutor, who took part, commented: “We we really enjoyed the walking and now have regular (fairweather) meetings walking around Campus or the Racecourse which have actually been quite productive.  I suspect we are all taking more steps now than we were a few months ago, and of course we would recommend to all.”