Northampton’s newest radio station makes crucial appointment to give communities a voice

Date 12.04.2017

Voluntary and community organisations in Northampton have a fantastic opportunity to shout about their work on the town’s newest radio station.

NNBC launched in October 2016, after the joint venture between the University of Northampton and a group of broadcasting professionals was granted a five-year community radio licence by communications regulator Ofcom.

The station, which broadcasts on FM and the internet, has appointed Dawn Cummins, CEO of Voluntary Impact Northamptonshire (VIN) to its advisory board.

She brings with her a wealth of knowledge of the voluntary and community sectors, which will help NNBC to develop its aim of supporting volunteers at the station to develop skills they can use in other areas of their lives. VIN will also help community organisations to access NNBC to raise awareness of their activities, contribute to programming and the development of the radio station.

Dawn said: “NNBC offers a unique opportunity for the voluntary and community sector in Northampton to give a voice to their communities and the issues they face. It also provides a platform to shout about the best of Northampton; from our culture and heritage to the work of our community champions and unsung heroes.

“I look forward to guiding NNBC to ensure that the community is paramount in its programming and service provision.”

Shelly Stevenson, chair of the NNBC advisory board, said: “The community is central to the purpose of NNBC and ensuring that we represent the communities of Northampton is a vital role for the advisory board. The addition of Dawn as a community member of our board is a powerful statement of our intent to ensure we fulfil this obligation.”

Kate Williams, Deputy Dean of the University of Northampton’s Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology, said: “A strong community focused advisory board is essential if NNBC is to achieve its vision. Dawn’s addition to the board and the connection with VIN is an important step in delivering this vision.”

Listen to NNBC online.