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Northampton volunteers needed to chill for exercise recovery research

News Page 25th May 2018

Northamptonians are being asked to take part in research into how sub-zero temperatures can aid sports recovery.

Adnan Haq, a lecturer at Moulton College, is conducting a study into ‘Whole Body Cryotherapy’ (WBC) treatment and how brief exposure to very cold conditions can help recovery after a period of exercise.

Adnan is calling on local, male volunteers over 18 years of age who need to be of a ‘reasonable’ fitness level, which will be established by tests in the first stage of the study.

The experiment will be conducted at the University of Northampton and Moulton College’s Chris Moody Centre.

Participants will need to make themselves available on three separate occasions as the research will consist of three stages:

  • The first session will last 90 minutes and involve the taking ‘baseline’ measures of participants’ fitness level, muscle strength, body fat and blood pressure
  • The second session, which will last for 2 hours, is the main part of the study and will take place a week or two after the first. This will include a downhill run and, for those volunteers not in a ‘control group’, the WBC
  • The final session will be 24 hours after the second. Volunteer muscle strength and overall recovery will be assessed.

Commenting on the research, Adnan said: “We already know that WBC can have beneficial effects on the human body, for instance reducing pain, inflammation and helping us to sleep and it has been suggested it can also help you recover after exercise.

“For this study, I’m looking at how age and body fat content can impact on the effectiveness of WBC treatment on recovery from exercise. I’m not necessarily looking for people with beach perfect bodies as I need a variety of body types to give a full picture of the effects of WBC.

“This will be a closely monitored series of tests, and volunteer health and safety throughout is paramount, so I’m looking forward to meeting participants and getting going with research that could have a significant impact on sport and exercise science.”

Those who want to take part should contact Adnan Haq by email or by calling 07791 545 203.

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