Northampton Midwifery student becomes the first UK student board member of European health network

Date 25.08.2017

A University of Northampton student is giving a UK voice to an influential nursing and midwifery network in Europe.

Hollie Townley spoke about her pride and surprise at becoming the first UK student board member for The Florence Network, one of Europe’s oldest nursing and midwifery networks, established in 1995.

Hollie, who graduates from our BSc in Midwifery course at Northampton next year, has been elected to the network’s student board and will be in charge of their core communication tools to fellow members.

As one of only five student board members in total, she will also be directly involved in developing communication channels in addition to organising student activities and workshops for the network’s next annual conference which will be held in Odisee, Belgium in April 2018.

Commenting on her appointment, Hollie said: “Being chosen by my lecturers to attend this year’s conference in Switzerland was a surprise, but to then come home as a student board member was an achievement I was most definitely not expecting. Admittance to The Florence Network is by invitation only and the University of Northampton only joined their register earlier this year.

“Attendees only found out on the day of the election that we were able to put ourselves forward for the vote. This gave us a tight deadline to prepare something to present individually to the other international students.

“As it turns out a bit of spontaneity, courage and a lot of passion for midwifery got me through. I’m so happy at being elected as The Florence Network’s first UK board member and I am looking forward to spreading the good word about nursing and midwifery throughout Europe.”

Paul Irving, who is Clinical Manager of the Competence Test Centre at the University of Northampton’s Innovation Centre, said: “The Florence Network is a highly regarded institution in nursing and midwifery circles, a crucible of knowledge, debate and best practice sharing.

“Congratulations to Hollie on her appointment and to what we are sure will be some sterling work ahead.”

The Florence Network’s main goals are to make Nursing and Midwifery more visible in Europe, to exchange students and teachers, compare curricula, improve the quality of our nursing and midwifery education and co-operate in further research.

The University of Northampton was invited to join the Florence Network following our Erasmus work with Nursing.

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